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Welcome to St. Daniel

A New Year’s Message from Mrs. Temple.

Happy New Year Thunderbird Community!  We hope all of our families had a healthy and safe holiday season.  We wish you all the best in 2017.

Leading up to the holidays was a busy one for our school community.  We celebrated Advent, completed bus evacuation training, had a wonderful, full school Turkey Lunch, shared our Christmas spirit with in-class Christmas concerts and sing alongs and finally, I had a chance to share a Christmas story with each class throughout the month.  I love spending time with your children in class and on the school yard. We have amazing students here at St. Daniel.

Students in grade 2 and 7 continue preparation for their First Communion and Confirmation.  Please keep them in your prayers.  As a community we enjoy a close relationship with our Pastoral Team at St. Anthony Daniel Parish and appreciate their support as we help our students on their faith journeys.

As a staff, we were able to share some of our gifts and talents within the community on our Spiritual Development Day in December.  Some of us made cards for St. Vincent de Paul, cleaned at St. Mary’s Place, sang at the Sunbeam Centre, helped at St. John Soup Kitchen, or baked for Habitat for Humanity.  We also began our year of Hope by creating an Ark that the students will be adding to throughout the next few weeks.

St. Daniel’s teachers continue their professional development in regards to numeracy.  Some of our staff have participated in further learning in numeracy and mathematics and this continues over the next three months with intensive support for our Junior Division teachers for Technology in Math. We encourage you to ask your students about their math learning and please come out to our Math Night in March to further your learning as well.

Our entire community continues to work on enhancing our Growth Mindsets.  Growth Mindset is an important tool to develop for each one of us. Having a growth mindset, especially a positive one, helps us have an open to learning stance. We can train our brains to be focused on what we can do, what the possibilities are, and what we need to work on in order to learn something new or master a skill. We begin our year off focusing on Hope.  Hope is a terrific mindset trait to have. It allows us to zoom in on the possibilities within each of us to reach our full potential as God has planned for us.  Please take some time to ask your children about Hope.  Ask them to reflect on what having hope means and how they can display this trait each and every day.  Thunderbirds are a PEOPLE OF HOPE!

Thank you for your continued support as partners in your child’s learning.

God Bless,

Lorrie Temple

Principal, St. Daniel Catholic Elementary School

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