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Mabel Label’s Information

For one week only, we’re bringing back our popular notebook design on our durable, waterproof Personalized Name Stickers! These limited-edition labels are perfect for all that new back-to-school gear. Parents can use them on lunch containers, water bottles, binders or whatever items tend to get lost. And to celebrate the beginning of school, we’re offering them at 20% OFF for this week only!

Share this poster with your supporters so they can shop the sale while it runs from August 27th to September 2nd.

Wishing you a happy (and labelled) school year!

Mabel’s Labels’ Fundraising Team

1-866-306-2235 (option 3) 

Parent Engagement and Communication

Communication between the school and our families is very important to us here at St. Daniel Catholic school.  Here are some tips/ideas that we have put in place to help us communicate with you and you with us.  If you have some other suggestions, please let us know in the main office.

  1. Connect with your child’s teacher and let them know which form of communication works best for you.
  2. Come to our Parent Night on September 11 and meet the staff (more information to come, stay tuned).
  3. Your child’s teacher may have a monthly newsletter, use Google Classroom, a class Twitter page our use D2L to share information. Find out what your child’s teacher uses and become familiar with this communication tool.
  4. Email the office at or at any time.
  5. Register for our newswire via the St. Daniel website. You go to the Board Website (WCDSB) and click on School Websites on the far right. Then drop down and click on St. Daniel. Once on our school website, scroll down to the bottom and you will see on the left side, a place to subscribe to our Newswire.  Newswire will provide you with up to date information on school, church and community centre events.
  6. Come visit us at the school. For an appointment call the school or email Ms. Rossiter (email above).
  7. Watch the outside sign for upcoming events.
  8. Visit the school website often.
  9. Subscribe to our school Twitter, all tweets can also be found on our website on the right-hand side of the page.
  10. The WCDSB also has a Facebook page that you can follow. They promote all Board events on this social media.
  11. Join School Council to get to know other parents in the community and share your gifts and talents with us.
  12. Volunteer to help in your child’s class. To sign up to volunteer, talk with your child’s teacher or sign up during Parent Night. There will be a sign-up sheet in the Learning Commons/Library. To volunteer long term, you will need a Police Records Check and Mrs. Rossiter can help you with this in the main office.


We are looking forward to this school year and we know the importance of working together and communicating with one another to make it the best ever!


New Parking Information

Good afternoon.

Since June we have been working on creating safer parking, pick up and drop off plans for our community.

I have met with transportation officials and involved city officials to discuss what would work best for the families and students at St. Daniel moving forward in regards to safer arrival and departure plans.

Please read this letter and see the map included to see the plans we are going to try and monitor starting September 4, 2018.  Parking Updated      DAN Traffic Flow Map


  1. the parking lot will be CLOSED at 8:40 am and at the end of the day (only staff will park there, families with stickers for priority parking- Handicap parking for example, families with students in Extended Day will have access, as well as buses for students with needs)
  2. parking permits will be assigned and must be visible in their cars for staff and families with students in Extended Day
  3. parents are able to drop off  and pick up along the fence line of the school bordering the field with side walk access to our yard for safer arrival and departure
  4. parents and guardians can continue to park at the church and walk over to the school to drop off their child or pick up their child, or for meetings at the school
  5. the driveway between the school and church will remained closed at the end of day from 3:30 until the buses all leave safely

We will be sharing this information throughout the month of September.

I know that we all want our children to be safe at all times when arriving at school and leaving at the end of the day and to that end, thanks for adhering to these changes and making sure you understand them.

We are open to hearing any ideas, or questions that you have as we work through these changes.

Thanks again for reading this information and ensuring you understand pick up and drop off procedures.


Mrs. Lorrie Temple

Principal, St. Daniel CES

Sneak Peek: August 29th

The Thunderbird Staff is excited to see our students and their families at our Sneak Peek on August, 29th.

Starting at 8:30 am, families are welcome to come to the school and pick up their registration packages, see who their child’s teacher will be for the year, check out the new portable and the new gardens (they are doing very well).

If you are sending another family to pick up your package, please call the school or send a note to let us know. Due to confidentiality and freedom of information policies, we cannot release registration packages without your consent either orally or in written form. Thanks for understanding.

Packages will still be available on the first day of school should you not be able to come for this Sneak Peek opportunity.

Please enjoy the rest of the summer and we will see you soon.

Keep safe and healthy.