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Save the Date

Please join us on Wednesday, December 19th for our 2nd Annual Christmas Concert at the
St. Daniel Church Parish Life Centre!

Primary Show: 9:30 am

Junior/Intermediate Show: 1:15 pm

(Doors will open 30 minutes prior)

A note will be sent home shortly with more details. We hope to see you there!

 * Please note: Due to limited space and fire regulations, each student is allowed to bring a maximum of 2 family members. Thank you for understanding.


On the Road to Emmaus

Approximately a year ago, schools and administrative sites across the Region, as well as the staff and Trustees of Waterloo Region’s Catholic schools, officially launched WCDSB’s year of “Faith in Action”. This marked the beginning of the third and final year of the Board’s 2016-18 Pastoral Plan. As a culminating activity, a special cross has been making a pilgrimage from school to school.

As the Pilgrimage Cross enters the last part of the journey, we will have an opportunity to have the cross visit our St. Daniel community.

Our journey with the Pilgrimage Cross will begin today, November 26th with the students from Mrs. McConnell’s class. The students and staff will walk as a group to Knollwood Park, across from the Kitchener Auditorium. There, the students will receive the cross from Saint Anne School and pilgrimage it back to St. Daniel school where we will begin our journey with the cross. Over the course of the week, our school community will have the opportunity to reflect, pray and complete activities to support this special journey.  

On Friday November 30th, the Pilgrimage Cross will move to St. Daniel Church where the greater WCDSB community will celebrate the closing of this transformative experience with a very special mass.  

Please take this opportunity to reflect and read below the love Jesus has for all of us.

In our schools, we continually imagine our call to retell the story of our faith, and reflect on those experiences that significantly affect identity and community in order to offer new possibilities for both. The true encounter with Jesus can, and does, take place every day in our Catholic schools. We continually renew the promise that Jesus will be with us always as we work together to strengthen our Catholic schools as communities that exemplify, in word and deed, the good news of Jesus Christ. We find a memorable example of this encounter in the Gospel account of the disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35). Jesus nurtures his relationship with the disciples through dialogue and teaching, and restores the joys of believing through the breaking of the bread, presence, friendship, and unconditional love. In similar ways, Catholic schools have the ability to restore the joys of believing.

On the road to Emmaus, Jesus helps his disciples to understand the faith and teaches us that the art of accompaniment is about taking the time to walk alongside one another to listen, and in so doing, to transform. Each person in a Catholic school practices accompaniment by helping students realize that their own unique story is given greater meaning and purpose in knowing and living the story we share in Christ. Our faith is about an encounter with God — an incredible love story that inspires faith and joy. God never gives up on us.

The story of Emmaus recounts a very human experience. The disappointment and despair experienced by the two disciples on the road is not unlike the challenges frequently faced by young people today. The message is clear; hope, courage and resolve can be found through a loving encounter with Jesus. The Christ-centered mission of each school, by its very nature, contains a call to service in the greater community. Roman Catholic schools form disciples with a social conscience who put their faith into action. Students and staff help to promote engagement with the local and global community through their many acts of charity and by their witness to social justice and environmental stewardship.

St. Daniel Scholastic Book Fair


What is the Classroom Wish List?

Since our Book Fair coincides nicely with the Christmas Season please be aware that your child’s teacher can look through the items at the Book Fair and perhaps see a Classroom Book that would be just right for that Grade. They can then suggest it as a Christmas gift. It makes a nice alternative to gift cards.

Simply let Mrs. Buchanan know that you might like to donate a book to your child’s classroom and I will let the teacher know that they may make a pick. Each book comes with a front bookplate to note the child’s name and the date of the gift and there is a big variation in prices.

Get your Christmas shopping done early & easily!

Principal Message

Dear Thunderbird Families:

I am thrilled to be the new principal of St. Daniel Catholic Elementary School! I am so excited to be part of such a wonderful community and I am looking forward to a fantastic school year. I had the opportunity to meet with many of the students and staff members last week as I began the transition process with Mrs. Temple. I cannot wait to get to know our fabulous students better and help support them as they learn and succeed!

I have been blessed to work in the Waterloo Catholic District School Board for many years, from Classroom Teacher, to school Special Education Teacher, and have also had the opportunity to serve as Vice Principal at two different schools in our board.

I look forward to meeting and working with each of you as we collaborate together to ensure faith filled success for all of our students.

Your Partner in Education,
Mrs. Giglio-Chiasson
(sounds like: G-Lee-oh-Chase-on)

Book Fair at St. Daniel: Just in Time for Christmas

Our St. Daniel Scholastic Book Fair is just around the corner and just in time for Christmas!

Join us to look for those special books, posters, Kits and stocking stuffers, as every purchase at the Book Fair means new titles for our School Library. A Scholastic Flyer will come home soon, highlighting just some of the new books available for purchase. Classes will have scheduled visits, but Parents & Guardians are welcome to drop in during the week.

Our Scholastic Book Fair runs from Monday November 26th to Friday November 30th inclusive. The Book Fair will be open in the Library daily from 9:00 a.m. to Noon and then again from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Come and CHECK IT OUT and Thank You for your support.

Boomerang Lunch Full Launch- Monday, November 19th

Starting Monday, November 19th, the boomerang lunch and NO garbage can program will be starting.

Mr. Arand, our wonderful custodian, will be removing the garbage cans from classrooms.

Garbage cans will be stationed, along with the recycling bins, at locations throughout the school and only changed on a weekly basis (since there should really be little garbage in them).

We are asking all families to support this eco-school initiative by sending limited packaging to school, using reusable containers, and being open to having garbage brought back home to be disposed of there.

Thanks for your continued support of our Green Team.



Welcome to Mrs. Giglio.

The St. Daniel Community is proud and pleased to welcome Mrs. Vella Giglio as the new Principal.

She starts November 19th.

She comes to us as an experienced Vice Principal with Special Education background.

We are happy to have her and I know we will give her a big St. Daniel welcome.

Thank you.

Big Box Fundraiser- we need 31 boxes returned ASAP

Good morning

If you still have a Big Box of cards at home that you did not order or pay for, we need it returned to the school asap. Those boxes have been purchased by other families and we need them to hand out.

Thanks for returning those boxes as soon as possible.

Morning and Afternoon Pick Up and Drop Off- PLEASE READ!

Good morning,

I know that I have shared the drop off procedures numerous times and have sent home maps and letters, but unfortunately some families continue to ignore the rules and I am deeply concerned that someone will get hurt.

This morning a member from the Community Centre was yelled at by a parent from St. Daniel about not stopping for them to have their children cross the road to Midland. There should be NO child crossing Midland. The drop off on Midland, that was approved by the City,  is on the school side. This has been communicated clearly. I have staff there to support and a lime green turtle with a large red flag, showing where the safe drop off. We have had bylaw officers present and ticketing families as well, who are choosing not to follow the rules. Please DO NOT have your students cross Midland, it is NOT SAFE. Cars will continue to drive by, because they are allowed to do so, thus putting your son/daughter at risk of being hit by a car.

We have the option of NOT allowing any drop off or pick up spots, but I know this is not the best thing for our community. In order to have safe drop off and pick up, we need to have EVERYONE following the procedures whether it is cold, rainy or sunny.  These procedures were created with City parking personnel and reviewed by staff, and Board office personnel. It works if and when our families are following the procedures. I have offered for comments and suggestions from our parent community, and received no feedback for changes.  So I am asking, please follow the rules as laid out.

Once again, I am reminding you all to either drop your students off and pick them up in the large church parking lot and having them walk to the yard OR drop off on the school side of Midland at the designated spot.  Those are the two spots that are safe and approved drop off points. Your students can also walk with umbrellas and appropriate dress, which is encouraged by the Waterloo Region Police and would be great for our students and would lead to fewer cars and unsafe situations. It is safe if people follow the rules. Please ask yourself why you continue to not follow the safe procedures for our children.

Please take a few extra minutes to make these procedures work for your family and keep everyone safe. DO NOT stop on the driveway that runs from Franklin to Midland…this is not a designated stopping area and bylaw is ticketing families who stop there. Buses need to be able to stop there safely and students riding the buses, should be able to get off the buses without worry of a car driving through. Also, families who park at the church, where they are supposed to, should also be able to walk safely to the school yard.

Thanks for following these rules and reminding your children of the option to walk safely to school.

Please share this important information with your neighbours and any parents you see not following the rules. We need this to be a team effort to keep our students safe.

Take care.