Hello Thunderbird Families:

The potential one day strike announced by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF) will not affect WCDSB elementary and secondary schools. Our school will be open as usual on Wednesday and running on a normal schedule.

For Your Information

Hello Thunderbird Families:

The potential one day strike announced by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF) will not affect WCDSB elementary and secondary schools. Our school will be open as usual on Wednesday and running on a normal schedule.

Thunderbird Update

Just a friendly reminder, that our Turkey Lunch is on Thursday. Please be sure to purchase a ticket or make a donation on your child’s cash online account.

We are starting a new Christmas tradition in the Thunderbird Nest! Due to our growth, we no longer have the space to accommodate a Christmas concert. In its place, we are having a week full of faith filled Christmas festivities. On Monday December 16th, we kick off our week wearing Christmas socks, be sure to come to school in your favourite Christmas socks! On Tuesday December 17th, wear your Christmas head wear. On Wednesday December 18th, don’t forget to wear your ugly Christmas sweater. On Thursday December 19th, be sure to show your Christmas spirit by wearing green and red. On Friday December 20th, wear your cozy festive PJ’s. Throughout the week, we have many fun Christmas activities planned for our Thunderbirds! We will be having a door decorating contest, festive crafts, Christmas Carols, and much more. Finally, our special visitors continue on their journey to Bethlehem travelling from room to room. The kids love having the chance to read and write about the adventures of Mary and Joseph!


December Update

Hi Thunderbird Families, please take some time to read our monthly update for the latest and greatest tips and things you need to know. Thanks so much!

First Day Forms:

We still have a number of families that have not completed their child’s ‘First Day’ Package forms that are uploaded to your child’s Cash Online account. It is very important that we have all forms for each student completed immediately. These forms are essential as many of them indicate how you would like us to support your children in emergency situations, provide permission for photos and so much more. If you need help with this please contact the office.

Contact Information Update:

If you have a new cell number or a new phone number or if there has been a change to any student information please contact the office to update us with your new information. To keep your children safe and you in the loop it is super important that we have your current contact information. Thanks for your support.

Umbrella Project:

This month our focus is on building cognitive flexibility. What will cognitive flexibility do for your child? Life doesn’t always follow a predictable pattern; cognitive flexibility helps our children navigate this uncertainty and feel like they have more options when faced with challenges. As things change around them, they need to change in order to maintain their well-being. With cognitive flexibility your child will be better able to change strategies when faced with new and unexpected situations, make sense of the unfamiliar and thrive in uncertainty. Cognitive flexibility is important for innovating, coming up with new ideas and solving problems, and is essential to creativity. It will also help them understand people and situations that are different from theirs and improve their relationships. This month we can’t wait to walk you through this cool skill and help you find ways to flex this part of your child’s brain. 


Success isn’t all about getting serious. Positive mood has been found to enhance creative problem solving and focus at school. How does this happen? Cognitive flexibility! The handy dandy skill can be increased just by using a little humour. Use this month to focus on having some good family laughs before getting started on homework or trying new things. It’s easy to get really serious about our child’s future success and what they need to accomplish in order to get there. Unfortunately, the stress of this approach can actually move them in the opposite direction of the success they were hoping for. This month, laugh a little more as you help your child through the struggles of picky eating, exam time or learning a new skill. Try telling a few jokes back and forth to set the tone for learning. You may find this approach makes everybody more flexible.

Student Appointments:

Please remember to write in your child’s agenda the date and time of your child’s appointment. This way the classroom teacher will know to have your child ready to go. If you are coming during the lunch hour please understand that your child may be on the school yard. We will do our best to get your child from the yard as fast as possible. If at all possible please try to come before the bell rings, this way you will not have to wait while we get your child. Thanks for your support!

Nutrition for Learning:

We are looking for adult volunteers to help support our NFL program. NFL is a breakfast program that runs in many schools. The intention is to have nutritious food available for all students, especially for those students that are less fortunate. Studies prove that students are more successful academically and socially when they are not hungry. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Ms. Weber or Mrs. GC at the office. 

Faith Formation:

Did you know that the second Tuesday of every month St. Anthony Daniel Parish hosts a youth ministry night for students in grade 7 and 8. There are several fun and engaging activities for your children to do. It runs from 7-9pm. The next event is December 10th. Please contact the parish if you have questions.

Parish Events:

Dec 10 – Youth Ministry (Grades 7-8) at 7pm (PLC) 

Dec 12- Confirmation Meeting for Candidates and Caregivers 7pm (PLC)

Turkey Lunch:

The tradition continues! The children have been asking and cannot wait to be part of this amazing experience. Tickets for our yummy turkey lunch can be purchased on your child’s cash online account. Lunch will be served December 12th. We cannot do this without your support. If you are interested in volunteering you can sign up on your child’s cash online account. The grade 8’s will be peeling potatoes once again. Grade 8 families please remember to bring a potato peeler to school, see note that went home with your child. We have worked very hard to keep this event egg, dairy and nut free. If your child will not be eating turkey lunch please feel free to provide an alternative meal choice. All of our Thunderbirds will eat together. It truly is a Called To Belong experience!

Angel Tree:

The spirit of generosity is throughout the the Thunderbird Nest! Our Angel Tree continues to run until December 12th. Please fill out the purple form that was sent home with your child if you would like them to bring an angel home. If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Rossiter at the office. 


Safety is our number one priority for our children. Our parking lot is a very busy place at the beginning and end of the day. We have worked very hard to put appropriate safety measures in place to keep our students, your children, safe. We need your 100% cooperation to maintain the safety measures we have in place. Unfortunately, that may mean you have to make accommodations in your drop off and pick up routine. At this time, I will share with you the expectations for ALL people that use our parking lot area:

  • Please do not move, drive through, or go around any pylons as this is a STUDENT SAFETY ZONE. This is where students load and unload from the bus.
  • Please do not hassle or verbally assault staff, students or other community members. If you have a concern, please call Mrs. GC at school. I will get back to you when I can.
  • Please do not park in the 2 clearly labelled accessible parking spots unless you have the current MTO accessible parking permit.
  • Please do not park in front of the school doors and walk your child into the school. This is our kiss and drop zone. That means you may pull up and stay in your vehicle, your child(ren) get(s) out and you drive on.
  • Please do not park in the parking spots at the front of the school. This is for school staff, supply teachers, visitors, special guests that are at our school for the day, and for extended day parents.
  • Please do not stop or park in the laneway. It is unsafe for your children as this is a throughway for traffic.
  • Please do not park, stop or drop off in the community centre parking lot as this is for their patrons.
  • Finally, SLOW DOWN. Our children are walking in these areas. We want them to get home safe to you.

Where to Park:

There is plenty of parking in our shared church parking lot, this is where you can park and safely walk your child to the school sidewalk. You enter this parking lot from Franklin Drive not Midland Drive. You can also park on the city approved road area on Midland Drive noting all street signs and fire hydrants and walk your child to school.


Student Pick Up/Drop off Tips: 

Arrange with your child a spot away from traffic where you will meet to drop off or pick up; you can arrange for an older student/sibling to walk your child to your meeting spot; walk to school every other day or daily. Arrange for an older student/sibling to walk your child to and from school. Thanks for your continued support!

Fit Bit:
The holiday season is fast approaching, and food and beverages are often central to many of our holiday celebrations and festivities.The new Canada’s food guide is a great tool to help you and your family make healthier food choices throughout this holiday season.


  • Keep Proportions in Mind
    Encourage your family to use Canada’s food guide as a model at holiday meals. Aim to fill half the plate with vegetables and fruit and choose protein foods and whole grain foods for the other two quarters of the plate.

  • Be Mindful
    The new food guide encourages us to think beyond what we eat, and to also think about how we eat. During celebrations there is often an abundance of food and festivities. Use these tips to help your kids be more mindful eaters in the busyness of the holiday season:
    -Take time to eat: find the time and space to sit down as a family and focus on eating without any distractions.


-Notice your feelings of hunger and fullness: encourage kids to make food choices based on their hunger level, rather than boredom or availability.


  • Think about your drink
    There are lots of sweets and treats during the holiday season. Replacing sugary drinks with water is a simple way to reduce the amount of sugar your kids are having. Let your kids try adding fresh fruit to water if they want a special drink for a special occasion.  Here are some ideas to try:


  • Chopped apples + cinnamon stick
  • Cranberry + lemon
  • Raspberries + cucumber
  • Blackberries + mint

*To avoid risk of choking, make flavoured water in a pitcher and serve in glasses without fruit or flavours.


  • Think Beyond Food to Celebrate
    Finally, instead of celebrating with food, try celebrating with a family activity like playing a favourite game, making a holiday craft, going skating or playing outside. 



WCDSB Elementary & Secondary Schools Open & Running Normally on December 4, 2019

The Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF) has announced plans for a one-day strike on Wednesday, December 4, 2019.

OSSTF does not represent any staff working in our elementary and secondary schools, therefore all Waterloo Catholic District School Board elementary and secondary schools will be open and running on their normal schedules tomorrow.

WCDSB teaching staff are represented by the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA), and negotiations with the province are still on-going. We are hopeful the two sides will reach a fair and respectful collective agreement.

However, OSSTF does represent some staff working at our St. Louis Adult Learning and Continuing Education Centres, and the one day strike will result in the following programs and services being CLOSED on December 4:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) classes at all campuses.
  • Language Instruction for New Canadians (LINC) classes at all campuses.
  • Literacy Basic Skills (LBS) classes – also known as CorE classes – at all campuses.
  • Spots for Tots childcare and LINC Childminding sites at both the both the Downtown Kitchener Main Campus and the Highland Road campus.

PLEASE NOTE: All other St. Louis programs will be running on normal schedules.

Fundraiser Last Call

Hey Thunderbird Families:

Don’t miss out, our fundraiser ends tomorrow. Please be sure to check out your child’s cash online account for details. If you have any questions or need help with your cash online account please contact Mrs. Rossiter at the main office. All money raised goes directly to supporting our Thunderbird students.


Orange Bus 120 delayed

Attention Thunderbird Families:

Orange bus 120 is delayed this afternoon (Nov. 25th). Please wait at the bus stop.

Thank you!

Free Parent Event

Hello Thunderbird Families:

You are invited to:

N U R T U R I N G O U R C A T H O L I C C O M M U N I T Y :
F O S T E R I N G B E L O N G I N G & I N C L U S I O N

December 3, 2019
Pizza at 6 p.m.

Introductions begin at 6:15 p.m.
Resurrection Catholic Secondary School
455 University Ave. W. , Kitchener

Nick Foley is the founder of Good Sport, the non-profit
organization Move for Inclusion and is a co-founder of WE
BE US. Presented by the Catholic Parent Involvement
Committee(CPIC) with funding from the Ministry of

Free event! RSVP BY NOV. 27
TO DIANA AT (519)578-3660 X. 2299 OR


Fundraiser Update

Hey Thunderbirds:

Did you know that our fall fundraiser is in full swing. For all the information you need, please check out your child’s cash online account. If you have any questions or need help with your cash online account please contact Mrs. Rossiter at the main office.


Umbrella Project Tips

Hi Thunderbird Families:

As mentioned in our November Update we thought it would be great to share with our families Umbrella Project Tips. Our theme for November is Growth Mindset. As a school community we have been working on this goal with our Thunderbirds. Please take a moment to have a look at how you can support this at home. Thanks!

GROWTH MINDSET TIP #2 Be Honest With Your Children

It can be hard for our children to come in second place, lose a big game or fail to meet their own expectations on a test but protecting your child from disappointments by being dishonest, while making them feel better in the short term, doesn’t help them learn how to be honest with themselves and benefit from the feedback. Tell your child the truth gently. Give them honest constructive feedback about their performance and avoid externalizing the loss or sugar coating. Help them think about what tools will help them succeed where they are struggling. Keep these principles in mind when talking to your child about failures:

  • Be empathetic but tell them the truth
  • Don’t externalize the loss 
  • Don’t let them rely on ability alone, hard work is needed for mastery 
  • Help them recognize what can and cannot control ie. Their attitude vs the refs decision 
  • Focus on improving something and areas of potential growth 
  • Don’t judge, we are all learning 

GROWTH MINDSET TIP #3 Help Your Child Recognize Their Fixed Mindset Voice 

The story we tell ourselves is a choice. By recognizing and acknowledging when we are using self-defeating and fixed self-talk, we can start to choose a growth mindset voice instead. Recognizing that we have a choice of which voice to hear is a big step towards using a growth mindset voice. When you hear your child using a fixed mindset frame of reference remind them that, much like opening our umbrella to protect us from the rain, the choice is up to them. Knowing this choice exists can help children take control and feel empowered in situations where they would normally feel powerless.

Here are some fixed mindset statements and alternatives we can choose: 


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