Power Outage – Asynchronous Learning Day today

Good morning Thunderbird Families,

Due to the power outage this morning it will be an asynchronous learning day. The school building is closed. Staff will post learning activities for students to complete independently (no live “Meets” today).

Wacky Hair Day will now be on Monday!

Thanks for your understanding!

-St. Daniel School


Hello Thunderbird Families:

You may have heard that we are continuing in Remote Learning next week. The school board is still learning the details from the Ministry around how long the extension will last and when we will be advised of the next decision date. No new information has been shared with us yet, and when we hear more, we will pass that along to the school community. We know many of you are disappointed, as we were all hoping to return to face to face learning. The staff is also disappointed. We are missing the face to face experience as well! However, we are definitely getting to put this month’s Umbrella Skill of Resilience into practice. Practicing self-care and maintaining a positive attitude help build our resilience.

Before we moved to remote learning, our Student Activity Council came up with a number of spirit day activities. For this coming week, in addition to our school sprit day Wednesday, we will have funky hair day on Friday January 29th. Be sure to get creative with all those funky hairdo’s and don’t forget to Tweet your pictures: @StDanielTBirds as we would love to see all the funky hair designs!

Finally, tomorrow (Friday Jan 22nd ) is the last day you can vote for your favourite name for our new mascot! There are over 200 votes and so far, it is a close race between 2 names, so be sure to vote Thunderbird community! Link to Mascot Voting

PA Day Reminder

Hello Thunderbird Families:

Just a friendly reminder that there is a PA Day on Friday January 22nd. Teachers will be engaged in assessments and students will not be asked to log on this day as there is no school/remote learning for students.

Take care!

Switch to Remote Learning (St. Isidore)

Hello Thunderbird Families:

Just a friendly reminder that you will have one final opportunity to switch your child’s mode of learning this year. If you would like your child/ren to move to St. Isidore – our online school OR if you would like your child to return to face to face learning, please ensure that you complete the survey by the deadline. The survey will open up on January 27th starting at 6am and will stay open until the 29th at 6pm. These deadlines are firm. Once you have made your decision – the learning mode will switch as of February 16 and will run for the remainder of the year. Here’s the link Switching Learning Environments – St. Isidore Virtual Learning School (wcdsb.ca)

Connectivity Issues

Hello Thunderbird Families:

Just so you know, there seems to be some connectivity issues with our synchronous learning. We are receiving many reports of lagging, inability to hear, and losing connections. It appears that this is happening as a system and not just school specific. We have reached out for supports and hopefully as the day proceeds the issues will get resolved.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Kindergarten Registration

Hello All:

It’s that time again when you can register students who are eligible to start kindergarten for the 2021/22 school year! Please register online and we will contact you with further registration details: Register Here. If you have any questions, please contact us at 519-893-8801. Year One (born in 2017) or your child (born in 2016) who presently is NOT attending Year One (JK) but will be attending Year Two (SK) in 2021. If your child is already a kindergarten student at St. Daniel you do NOT need to reregister them, this is only for new students. 

Due to COVID protocols, we will be unable to handle drop in registrations, appointments MUST be made in advance.

Registration for September 2021 will be held as follows:

Tuesday, February 16th, 2021 — 9:30-4:00 am

Wednesday, February 18th, 2021 — 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

A parent or legal guardian of the child being registered is required to present the following:

  • A birth certificate or other legal proof of your child’s age (i.e. passport, permanent resident card)
  • A Catholic Baptismal Certificate of either parent or child, and
  • Proof of address documentation (i.e. utility bill, property tax bill, bank document, purchase/rental/lease agreement, passport, permanent residence card Note: Driver’s License is not accepted)

We look forward to meeting our newest Thunderbirds! If you know someone in our community/neighbourhood with a child in this age group, please share this information with them.

Virtual Learning Environment

Hello Thunderbird Families:

We hope this finds you well. As we continue to engage in Remote Learning for the week of January 11th. Thank you to our students/parents/guardians and staff for all the work in navigating this teaching and learning platform.

Below are Roles and Responsibilities for both students and parents/guardians when working in a Virtual Learning Environment.
Each student is part of a Learning Management System approved by the WCDSB (Google Classroom, D2L Brightspace). Through synchronous learning, students engage with teachers and classmates (Google Meet or Microsoft Teams).

Parent/Guardian Expectations:

  • The microphone and chat feature are tools for your child to access to support learning,

  • When required, parents/guardians may act as a support. To honour the student learning journey, please allow your child to experience productive struggle by allowing them to do the thinking and complete the work independently,

  • Generally speaking, parents/guardians should not appear on camera or speak directly to the teacher or class during synchronous learning time. Please do not unmute the microphone during instruction to ask a question or access the chat feature as the staff are teaching,

  • Please connect with the classroom teacher first should you have a question or concern; staff will do their best to respond in a timely manner. Please note that during instructional time, staff are unable to respond.

Student Expectations:

  • Treat others with dignity and respect in actions and words,
  • Participate and actively engage in the learning,
  • Respect the workspace of others during collaborative learning (no deleting,  moving or making changes to the work of others),
  • Have the camera and microphone turned on/off when directed by the teacher,
  • Google Meet or Microsoft Team links are not to be shared with others outside of the class; teachers to invite others, not students,
  • Use of Google Hangouts is not permitted during school hours unless directed by the teacher,
  • Appropriate use of the chat feature such as asking questions, responding to the teacher when prompted,
  • Any communication in the chat is to reflect appropriate manners and language. The following are examples of unacceptable forms of communication. Incidents will be brought to the attention of the administration and parents/guardians will be notified: profanity, comments/images/actions that are violent, racist, degrading or sexual in nature, chat spamming (repetition of a word/line commonly used in gaming chats),
  • Focus on the learning and avoid distractions – open tabs should be related to the learning and direction by the teacher,
  • When the camera is on: appropriate clothing is required just as it is in a physical school, raise a hand when wanting to share, sit up position,
  • Synchronous learning is not to be recorded and/or shared.

Thank you for your efforts and support as we continue to provide a Virtual Learning Environment – one that is engaging and interactive. Your patience, support, flexibility are appreciated.

St. Daniel Staff

~ Nurturing ~ Encouraging ~ Successful ~ Thunderbirds ~

Update: Remote Learning Extended

Hello Thunderbird Families:

Due to rising COVID-19 cases in Waterloo Region, remote learning will continue beyond this week with students tentatively set to return to face to face learning on January 25th. Please take a moment to read the letter from our Director of Education, Loretta Notten in the following link.

School Building Closure Update to WCDSB Parents Jan 8th 21

A sincere thank you for all you are doing to support your children as they learn remotely. We recognize that this is challenging, and we are available “remotely” to help in any way we can. We will continue to provide technical support. Please let your child’s teacher know if you are experiencing challenges with technology and we will do our best to resolve these issues.

Take care,

St. Daniel School Staff

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