Good evening parents,

Thank you so very much for learning and following our drop off and pick up procedures.  I just have a few clarifications that will continue to ensure the safety of our students.

For arriving to school:

  1. Please drop off your son/daughter at the front of the school, by the fenced area, on Midland, on the school side. There is a sign and staff clearly visible where this drop off is.
  2. DO NOT drop students off in the driveway/laneway. This is where our buses are and we do not want students walking in front of buses.
  3. You can also drop your students by parking at the larger church parking lot and walking them over to the school yard.

At the end of the day:

  1. Park at the church and meet your son/daughter at the side entrance of the school facing the church. Students from Grade 1-8 can meet you there.
  2. JK/SK students can be met at their classroom doors.
  3.  Stop on Midland, on the school side, and have your son/daughter meet you there. Please let them know that this is the meeting spot. We have permission to stop there, but please do not leave your cars.  This is a stopping only, pick up zone.
  4.  Please DO NOT come in the school front parking from either side. Some families have been driving in from the other end and it is a ONE WAY only driveway. We will now be blocking that end off as well to stop this from happening (families with handicap stickers are permitted to enter the front parking lot).

Thanks again for learning along with us, following these procedures, and keeping our students and your children, safe.

Looking forward to seeing you at Parent Night on Tuesday, September 11 at 5:30 pm.

Sincerely, Mrs. Temple