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Break a Rule

Next week we have Break A Rule week to support KidsAbility.

It is unbelievable, but it’s already that time of year when we begin our preparations for the Mudpuppy Chase. 

We would like to introduce a new addition to our fundraising efforts this year – “BREAK A RULE WEEK” – which will run from April 16-20.

Please see this link for details. Break a Rule Week NewsWire Submission 2018

It costs $1 a day to participate in the event that day.

The class that collects the most donations, will be awarded with an ice cream cone party!

This is a supplementary activity of the Mudpuppy Chase. Students may wonder if they participate in this program, and if our school earns the pizza party, do they also get to take part in the pizza party? Unfortunately, no. Only those students who gather pledges for $35 or more and run in the Mudpuppy Chase on May 6 will be invited to participate in the pizza party. 

Wednesday, April 18 will be an extended recess for last recess that day.

Thanks for your support of KidsAbility in Break the Rule Week.