Good afternoon,

We are very impressed with the safer drop off and pick up (arrival and departure) most of our families have been doing. THANK YOU!!

Some of our families are still learning and some reminders are needed.  Please DO NOT stop, park and get out, or drop off your children in front of the church or in the driveway between the church and the school. THIS IS NOT ALLOWED and NOT SAFE.

EITHER, park at the larger church parking lot to walk your children over OR, drop off at the designated drop off on Midland where a staff member is to ensure they safely get to the yard. By law officials will be by and you may be ticketed for not following the safe arrival and departure procedures.

We have extra staff, signage, turtle signs and posters as well as an information letter is on our website and a letter was given to each family in their registration package to explain these procedures along with a map. If you are unsure, please just ask.

For the safety of all, please follow these procedures.

We do not now our children walking across the road, in front of cars or in front of buses. The safe areas are clearly marked and staff is there to assist.

Thanks for your understanding – a few extra metres and a minute or two longer, will help make our arrival and departure safer for all.