St. Daniel earned GOLD certification as an eco-school last year and we want to earn that certification again this year.

We hope to continue to build on our recycling, composting, gardening and curriculum work.

We need your help in sending lunches with as little to no garbage as possible and to encourage your children to boomerang the lunch home (bring any garbage home). We will ask students to send garbage home and recycle and compost what is possible, at school.

We need your help in ensuring your child does not bring plastic water bottles to school, but uses reusable water bottles here at school. We have refillable stations that they can use to refill their bottles throughout the day.

If any of you have a green thumb, would enjoy getting our gardens ready for the fall or want to work with our team, please let me know.

Thanks for your continued support as we go for gold again.

Your GREEN TEAM at St. Daniel.