Good evening.

I just wanted to highlight some important information in our school agenda that your child(ren) have received around the use of electronics, phones, and devices from home.

At this time we have shared with our Intermediate students in an assembly today, and I have asked our Junior teachers to highlight as well, our policies for the use of devices and phones from home.

The devices are to remain in their backpacks, if brought to school, unless a teacher directly asks the students to use them for learning purposes or on a long bus ride to a field trip etc… The Intermediate students were clearly told what the expectations are around the need for the devices to remain in their backpacks and not on their person or at their desks.  We want them to focus on learning and only use the devices for learning under the direction of their teacher.

I shared with your child(ren) the consequences for not following our expectations. They are highlighted in this link to a letter that you will receive if your son/daughter is in opposition to our guidelines/rules for electronics.

See the letter here: electronics letter 2

Thanks for supporting us in creating an environment that is focused on learning.