Good News–Homework Club for Grade 7 and 8 Students Starting Soon!  Notes are coming home tomorrow to sign up your child for this AWESOME opportunity.

Parents does your child need small group assistance for learning or reviewing concepts? Does your child struggle with putting time into completing homework at home?  Does you child tend to procrastinate or have difficulty remembering concepts learned in class? Then we can help. The after school homework club is supported through St. Louis Continuing Education Center and the Waterloo Catholic School Board.  We will be administering homework club at St. Daniel, starting Thursday, November 1st and it will run until the middle of May. The program is free and is available to any intermediate student.

This is a remedial literacy and numeracy program to provide any extra assistance needed to allow for students to work/study in a quiet environment, to catch up on missed homework, and for teacher/principal recommendations for individual students to attend.  Homework club may also be used as a means of providing extra preparation for tests. The goal of this program is to give students the opportunity to gain critical support with reading, writing, comprehension, math, computational and organizational skills, through their homework. The goal for our students is to build on their self esteem and prepare them to be successful this year and in the future.

Homework club will be offered from 3:40-4:40 p.m. on Thursdays.  Attendance isn’t mandatory and can be used on a needs basis. We ask that your child inform you if they want to stay for homework club.  If your child is a bus student please make arrangements for your child to be picked up on time.



Mrs. Temple and Mr. Villapiana