As communicated on the first day of school our enrollment is increasing, and St. Daniel is growing.  This is exciting news for us as a community. Additional staff results in smaller class sizes, more resources and extra curricular options.

We have been notified by the board office that we are adding another teacher to our school with a new Grade 4/5 class and we also adding an ECE to our smaller FDK class to even out the numbers in all four of the FDK classes as well.  With this exciting addition comes some movement. Class configurations for our Kindergarten classes all the way up to our Grade 6 class will need to be adjusted which will result in smaller class sizes. Receiving this news so early in the school year is quite helpful.

We know that change for some may be hard at first, but we also know that in a few weeks these changes will seem like a thing of the past 😊.  A letter is coming home this evening identifying any changes for your child.  For tonight’s Parent Night, we wanted you to be able to meet your child’s teacher, so please go and see the teacher on the letter you receive if you do have a letter. If you did not receive a letter, your child’s teacher stayed the same and you visit them as planned.  If your child was placed in the new teacher’s class they are not yet hired. Please feel free to meet your child’s current teacher and then as soon as I know who the new teacher is, I will communicate this to the families involved.  The new class will be in Portable 6. The new portable is set to arrive before Christmas. The class will be in the library until then.

Please know that all staff involved in making the decisions for class placements, has each child’s best interest at heart and consider many factors for student success in creating the classes such as male to female ratio, academic, social and behavioural needs.  Thank you for trusting us to make the right decision for your child by respecting our professional placements.

We know that students and staff are resilient and accepting of change. We thank you for assisting your child with these adjustments and for framing the experience in a positive manner.

Thank you for being a part of a wonderful, dynamic, growing community.