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Growth Mindset for Parents At Home: Making Mistakes


Growth Mindset for Parents at Home:

As you know, we are focusing on Growth Mindset again this year at St. Daniel. We love to stretch our thinking, have positive thoughts, make mistakes and learn from them.

This month, as an entire school community, we are asking students to focus on making mistakes.

Making mistakes is human. It is also an exceptional opportunity to grow in a humble manner and realize that life is a continuous learning process.  


Having a growth mindset changes the meaning of failure. Having an attitude that if I fail, it is not defining me, is truly an important to change to a student’s thinking. As parents, we can support this by asking our children what they learned from their mistakes.

Other ways we encourage the learning from mistakes attitude is to ask our children what action they took to correct the mistake; congratulate them on their determination to overcome the problem; share your pride in them for being motivated to learn from the mistake.  Be proud of them for the enthusiasm they shared when they displayed the learning from mistakes attitude.

Confidence grows for our children when they meet challenges and master them.  Help them cope with setbacks and encourage the development of their character by sharing your excitement when they dig deep and find the strength to overcome the challenges they face and the mistakes they make and learn from.