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Lenten Promises and Almsgiving- Need Your Support

Dear Parents/Guardians,

For the Lenten season, Ms. Warner’s class has decided to take on an Almsgiving project. The students decided that they wanted to donate items to a shelter. They have chosen to donate toiletry items to oneROOF and potentially Lutherwood as these are shelters for youth. The class enjoyed the idea of youth giving to youth. The students have already brought some donations in and will be creating artwork and cards to go along with their care packages.

Ms. Warner also has a representative coming in from oneRoof to speak to the students about what it is they do at the shelter and why they are so grateful for the donations. 

We thought we would ask our entire school community if they were interested in donating.  We will be accepting donations until March 20th in the main office. The student, with staff support, will then be making up the care packages.

If you wish to donate, some of the items needed are: toothpaste; travel sized body wash, conditioner, and shampoo; deodorant; hair elastics; disposable razors; toothbrushes; combs or hairbrushes. 

Thanks for considering to support one of our classes in their almsgiving part of Lent. The box will be available in the main office, starting tomorrow.

Take care.