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Mabel’s Label’s Party Loot Bags and Stickers- continued fundraiser

How can you earn money from a kid’s birthday party? Easily!

Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to dress up like a clown and perform tricks.

We’re excited to add Party Loot Bags & Stickers to our line of products. These bags and stickers pair perfectly with our Birthday Combo, making shopping for party supplies quick and easy for your party-planning parents.

Put away that red nose, multi-colored wig and jumbo sized shoes and simply promote your Mabel’s Labels fundraiser using this poster.

Remember, your campaign will earn 20% commission on every order that’s placed in support of your fundraiser for St. Daniel.

Fun Tip: Every day is someone’s birthday, so keep this email for use again and again throughout the year!

Have questions or need hard copy flyers, please email

Your St. Daniel School Council AND

Diane Morris

Mabel’s Labels’ Fundraising Team