Good evening.

As the end of the school year approaches, we have some news to share with you for September 2018.

We are continue to grow and are adding a new portable. We have added a Grade 1/2 class and kept all 4 Kindergarten classes for the fall.  Staffing has yet to be decided for these classes but we will inform you of all staffing changes at the Sneak Peek on August 29th.

Mrs. Cathy Adams has announced her retirement and although we are happy for her, we will miss her greatly. Mrs. Adams is a wonderful, caring and compassionate teacher and I know there are many families who will miss Mrs. Adams. We wish her all the best. Ms. Warner, Ms. Perez and Mrs. Kocan will all be leaving at the end of June. We wish them well in the careers at other schools. Thanks for your time at St. Daniel.

For the fall, we will be closing the front parking lot for drive through/kiss and ride drop off. This new development is to keep our children  safe. It is often very chaotic at arrival and dismissal and we want to ensure all our students arrive and depart from school. as safely as possible. The lot will be open until the students in our Extended Day, go outside to play at 8:50 am.  Parents can park at the back church parking lot and walk their children safely to the school yard.  This change will allow our bus students and walkers, to enter the school grounds safely and avoid other cars driving and parking in the front, at a very busy time.  I know you will do your best to work with us to make our arrival and dismissal times as safe as possible.

Other changes happening soon: the community garden build happening tomorrow. Ms. Warner secured a grant for 4 new raised gardens to be built and filled with fun fruit and vegetable plants, as well as flowers.  We are excited about this.  We also have our big library renovation happening with new shelving being installed as well as new fun and colourful furniture. This also was based on money secured outside the school budget and we are thrilled to modernize our learning commons.

We have had a wonderful year and have added many awesome resources and physical changes due to the fundraising efforts of School Council and securing 4 different grants throughout the school year.

Key Dates for June:

June 8- Community Garden Build

June 8-25 Screen Free Challenge

June 9- Neighbour’s Day

June 21- FDK Graduation

June 22- Mission Day

June 25- Lacrosse Day and School Wide FREE lunch

June 26- Primary Play Day

June 27- Graduation

June 29- Year End Assembly and Last Day of School.


June is a busy, but fun month. Thanks for supporting our events 🙂 Have a great last month of school.