St. Daniel School, along with Nutrition for Learning is running a Toonie Program in the first two weeks of school, to highlight the importance of the Nutrition for Learning program in our school community.


The Nutrition for Learning program supports our school in several ways, including free access to three food groups each day to all students in the school.


The students at St. Daniel will bring home a Nutrition for Learning Postcard, and we kindly ask for each family to attach a toonie to the card and return it to school with your child by September 14, 2018.


The Nutrition for Learning program helps to create better health and behaviours in the classrooms and we are grateful to be able to offer this wonderful program for the 2018-2019 school year.


Thank you for all your support in our Nutrition program as we continue to focus on the overall health and well being of our students.


Nutrition for Learning Team