Dear Families/Parents/Guardians,

St. Daniel School is happy to announce that our Nutrition for Learning Program will be offered again this year. The program will begin at the end of September.

Each day, our Healthy Snack Program will be delivered in bags/bins with ice packs to classrooms following morning announcements. Each bag will include three food groups consisting of protein, grains, fruits and vegetables. There will be enough food for all students in the class however; students are encouraged to eat from their own snacks first and when they would like additional snacks they are welcome to eat the food offered from the program.  Our school will be celebrating the importance of starting each day right with healthy snacks and good nutrition.

Studies show that many Canadian children are not eating breakfast. The trend of skipping breakfast increases as students reach the intermediate grades. Children who skip breakfast may not learn as well as children who eat breakfast each day. Starting the day with healthy food provides the energy students need to be alert and make fewer errors in class.

We are very happy to work with our community partners, such as Nutrition for Learning and we are looking forward to another nutritious year!

Once again, thank you for your continued support in our Nutrition for Learning Program at St. Daniel. We truly appreciate your TOONIE donation on the postcard sent home during the first week of school. It’s not too late to send yours in!

JUST IN: Our Nutrition for Learning Program will be showcased on Monday- look for us on twitter with Chief Larkin and some firefighters!!!

For more information, please see Mrs. Johnston.


The Nutrition for Learning Committee