We held a Primary learning assembly on the yard today for all students in Grade 1-3.

We discussed our concern with behaviour on the yard and focused on how to play safely.

We stressed a few things that we wanted to share with families in hopes that you could also talk with your children to reinforce our messaging at school.

We want all our children to be aware and be safe on the yard. As a result, we shared the following:

  1. No body contact on the yard (for no reason, we discussed strategies if someone is hands on with them).
  2. Tap for tag, only on the back, not pulling on a hoodie, or hitting hard.
  3. No tag on the equipment.
  4. They were taught how to play safely on the equipment. How many students on each piece of equipment; going down the slide, not up..,
  5. Only use the fountain closest to the door at recess so no one is wandering unsupervised through the school.
  6. To stay off the stairs unless they are entering or exiting the school or doing the fob monitoring.

Our primary Phys. Ed. teachers will be sharing and reviewing games that can be played on the field with no equipment during the next few weeks as well to help our students see all of the fun things they could do at recess.

All the boys and girls put their hands up to indicate they had heard the message.

They know that if they are being unsafe on the equipment, they are taken off for the rest of the day. They know if they are playing hands on, on the playground, that they will have a time out at the portables, so they can reflect on what they have done and watch the other children play safely.

Thanks for your continued support at home in reinforcing school rules.

We are working very hard to be proactive, but if your child consistently refuses to follow the rules and play safely, they will be taken off the yard and call will be made home and possibly, your child, may be sent home for unsafe play hurting others.


Your Primary Team