Hello Thunderbird Families:

Thanks so much for a great first day! We would like to share with you some housekeeping items for keeping your child(ren) safe and our school flowing smoothly.

Early Dismissal:

If you are planning on picking up your child early at the end of the day, please write a note/email the classroom teacher to inform them of these alternate plans, they will ensure your child gets to the appropriate location. Calling the office last minute creates confusion for your child(ren). 


We highly recommend that you determine a pick up meeting location with your child(ren) as we have many students we are trying to get on buses. A good spot for this would be the large new blacktop area behind the school, away from the bus lines. We respectfully ask that you keep well away from the doors and from buses as it is not safe and causes congestion and confusion for the children.Teachers have 2 doors from the school they dismiss from; one exiting on the church side and the other out toward the back of the school. Teachers will communicate with you which exit they will be dismissing from. 


Please park in the shared church parking lot when picking up/dropping off your child(ren). You can also park on Midland along the fence side of the street, being aware of the appropriate street signs and fire hydrants. Please do not park/drop-off/pick up your child(ren) in the community centre parking lot. Also, please do not stop or park in the lane-way, this is a bus loading and fire safety zone. Finally, the kiss and drop area at the front of the school is reserved for special transportation and quick pick ups/drop offs, there is no parking in this area. Bylaw officers do patrol all of these areas often and will issue a ticket if you are not following the parking routine. 

Student Agendas:

Please be advised that all student agendas are on back order. In the meantime, communication can be via phone, writing notes or emails. Please refer to teacher suggestions/preferences for communication until our agendas arrive.

In the end, our goal is to keep everyone safe and we need your support and cooperation to make this happen. 

Thank you for your support,

Mrs. Giglio-Chiasson

Ms. Weber
Vice Principal