Good evening Thunderbird families.

Included in your Sneak Peek Registration packages and shared a week ago on our website is our new arrival and departure information. Links to the letter sharing the information and the map are below.

Please ensure you know where to drop off, pick up and park (if necessary).

The parking lot is closed at 8:40 am and families are asked to park at the church to walk their children over OR stop along Midland at the fenced in area of our field. You can drop your children off there and they can walk safely into the field.  You are NOT to leave your cars, but are allowed to stop to allow your children to get out of the car to walk to the fenced in field area.

We want to ensure our students are safe.

At the end of the day, the parking lot will remained closed and you can either wait for your children along Midland beginning at the fenced in area, or park at the church and walk over to meet your children.

Please see this letter and map to ensure you are aware of the procedures.  DAN Traffic Flow Map  and Parking Updated

Thank you.

Looking forward to start up and a wonderful year!!!!