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Safety Protocols

We continue to review and practice our three main protocols for safety. These protocols can also be found on our board website in the memo: APH002. The three protocols are: Lockdown, Hold and Secure and Shelter in Place. The information below is directly from this memo.

Lockdown: The term “Lockdown” will only be used when there is a major incident or threat of school violence within the school — or in direct relation to the school. All individuals inside the school will immediately move to the nearest secure location and doors will be locked.

Hold and Secure: The term “Hold and Secure” will be used when it is desirable to secure the school due to an ongoing situation outside and not related to the school (e.g., a bank robbery occurs near a school but not on school property). In this situation, the school continues to function normally, with the exterior doors remaining locked (which they always are) until such time as the situation near the school is resolved.

Shelter in Place: The term “Shelter in Place” will be used when it is necessary to hold all occupants inside the school to protect them from external situations such as chemical spills, blackouts, explosions or extreme weather conditions.

Sometimes, we may need to call “safety protocols” for safety if something is happening in the school that is not a serious threat or a major incident where a lockdown would not be necessary. This happens in order to keep everyone safe.  In this case, the announcement is made that we are in “safety protocols” and staff are to understand that this means that the students are brought into the class if they are working in the hall, and doors are closed.  Teaching activities carry on and “school continues to function normally”. This is to maintain safety and to ensure that whoever might be involved in the situation (another child in distress in the hall for example) is safe and their dignity is preserved.

Our first and primary role is to ensure all children are safe. It is important to review, practice and utilize these safety procedures when necessary. If you ever have any concerns about a safety procedure or protocol, please give us a call at the school and we can discuss further.


Mrs. Lorrie Temple


St. Daniel CES