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Safety Reminder: Safe Drop Off and Bus Zones

Good evening.

It is the time of year again that I would like to remind our families about safe drop off practices, parking and bus zones.

If you are coming to pick up your child from school, the safest place to park is in the back Church parking lot. You then walk across to meet your son/daughter at the side entrance of the school, or continue to the front of the school to have the child called down to sign them out.

Please DO NOT park at the entrance to the Church doors. If you park there, you will have to remain there until all of the buses are loaded and gone. We have the exits blocked off in order to keep all of our children safe. In addition, that parking is for CHURCH patrons only and for those who need to park that close to the Church for access. It is not for our school to use. I will be out reminding parents of this over the next few days. Please understand this if I need to approach you regarding parking there.

Please note that our bus monitors placing signage and pylons at the exits, are doing so as a volunteer job to our school community to help everyone be safe. Please do not ask them to remove cones or allow you to pass through. They are following my direction for the safe pick up and loading of all of our students.  If you have a concern, please do not address these students, but come into the office to speak to me or to an adult on bus supervision.

As you know, safety is our number one priority. We strive to ensure all of our students leave school safely, board our buses safely or walk home safely. Please ensure that you are aware of this as you drive to pick up your son/daughter and thank you for helping keep all of our students safe at dismissal time.



Mrs. Lorrie Temple


St. Daniel CES