Hello Thunderbird Families:

We have had a great first week back in the Thunderbird Nest! It truly feels wonderful to be part of such an amazing community. Families thanks so much for your support with the drop off and pick up routine. Your support with this has been a great help in keeping everyone safe, thank you! Please continue reading as we want to touch base and share a few things that you need to know moving forward.

Contact Information Update/Forms:

In order to keep our community safe, we need to have your most current contact information. Please call the school at 519-893-8803 if your phone number or address has changed.

Also, please take a moment to fill out all the very important forms on your child cash online account. It is essential that we have these completed. If you need instructions on how to set up cash online please click the link here: Cash-online-sign-up-instructions

Below is the list of forms that need to be read and completed by you: 

  • Catholic School Advisory Council (CSAC), Nomination of Parent Candidate
  • Concussion Code of Conduct – Parent/Guardian
  • Concussion Code of Conduct – Student-Athlete
  • Critical Medical Alert
  • Emergency Dismissal
  • Walks Around the Neighbourhood-Education Excursion Consent 
  • Lunch Arrangement
  • Responsible Use of Technology & Electronic Data Access, Students Grades JK to 3
  • Responsible Use of Technology & Electronic Data Access, Students Grades 4 to 8 Consent
  • Student Image, Video or Voice Recording Including Media Use – Consent
  • Student Personal Information, Collection/Use/Disclosure Notice (Read Only)
  • Violence Threat Risk Assessment (Read Only)

Parking/Pick-Up/Drop Off:

Please refrain from parking or dropping your child(ren) off at the community centre parking lot or standing and waiting on the community centre walkways. They do have programs running and need their patrons to have easy access to both their outdoor and indoor facilities/grounds.

If you are looking for parking, feel free to use the large church parking lot or park along Midland Drive observing the city road signs and fire hydrants. If you or your child has mobility concerns and need parking accommodations please let us know, we are here to help. If the path is difficult for you to navigate please feel free to arrange a meeting spot with your child(ren) on the city sidewalk along Midland Drive.

If you are picking up your child early or would like to have your child come off the bus at the end of the day for you to pick up at school please give us ample notice so we can have your child waiting and ready for you. Thanks so much!

School Yard:

The children are so excited to see their friends and by nature love to be social. We need your help with reminding your children that they need to continue to maintain their distance when playing on the school yard. Can you please regularly sit with your child(ren) and review that they need to keep the 2-meter social distance rule when at school in the yard during recess. We recognize that the children are just having fun and we want them to, but at a safe distance. The staff have been reviewing all sorts of fun distanced games such as Simon says, running races, hide-n-seek, hopscotch, wax museum just to name a few. Thanks for your support!

Medical Plans of Care:

If your child has medical concerns or a life threatening condition you would have received their Medical Plan of Care. Please read the Verification Copy of the Plan of Care carefully, sign, and return it to school as soon as possible as well as the completed ‘Identification and Emergency Treatment Plan’ document. Please note that students with anaphylaxis require two current Epipens for school. Please label the Epipens, send to school with your child(ren), or drop off at the office. If you have any questions, please let us know.  

COVID Protocol: 

When a student is experiencing symptoms consistent with a possible COVID-19 exposure, the following will occur:

  1. The classroom teacher will contact the office and the student will come down.
  2. A staff member from the office will escort the student to our isolation room where we will discuss how they are feeling and gain insight as to what their symptoms might be.
  3. The student’s temperature will be taken with our contactless thermometer.
  4. If they are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 (which in some cases can mirror other illnesses), we will be contacting parents to come and pick up the child immediately.
    • Parents, please have a “Plan A” and a “Plan B” in place in case your child needs to be picked up during the day.
    • Please provide the office with your most current contact information
  1.     When you come to pick up your child, we will be speaking to you about the symptoms that we see, and we will in most cases encourage you to take them for a COVID-19 test. You also have the option of, and we will encourage you to, take them to a Health Care Professional (e.g. family doctor, nurse practitioner, walk-in clinic, etc.)

Once you have a Health Care Professional examine your child and determine that it is NOT COVID related, the child may return to school 24 hours after the symptoms subside. Please note that this would likely not be the next day of school.

If the Health Care Professional determines that it is in fact COVID-19, you need to let the school know immediately. We will take the necessary steps to contact public health and work to inform the others necessary, so that they can go get tested as well.

If you choose to not seek the advice of a Health Care Professional, we would ask that you have them self-isolate for 14 days to ensure that no additional symptoms emerge. They are more than welcome to return to school after that time and symptom free.

This is the process that we will follow in an effort to keep everyone at St. Daniel school and in our greater community, safe and healthy.

Students with “Medical Peril” (anaphylaxis, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, etc.) who may require special medication or a special medical procedure will be identified to all staff throughout the school so appropriate actions may be taken in the case of an emergency. All efforts will be made to ensure the safety and health of these students. Please notify the school if there are any new medical concerns with your child.

For our Remote Learning Families:

Learning begins on September 17th. If you have expressed the need for a learning device at home, a St. Daniel staff members will be in contact with you to ensure you are set up and ready to go. Please see the link below for more information on our WCDSB Virtual School – St. Isidore. We hope our remote learning Thunderbirds are doing well …. We miss you!

Link to Message From St. Isidore