Phone: 519-893-8801

Traffic and Bus Concerns

Good morning.

Thank you for your patience and understanding regarding our late bus situation and the traffic concerns on Ottawa, Midland and Franklin.

I have been working with the city and our Board in regards to this situation.

Currently, I need to ask you to NOT use the driveway as a pass through/cut through between Franklin and Midland. We will be blocking this off at the end of school times to ensure our children can leave safely. I understand that this is an inconvenience, but I also know that you understand that student safety needs to come first and we do not want anyone to be hit by a car.

Also, please use the larger St. Anthony Daniel Parking lot to wait for your children NOT the semi circle drop off at the Church doors.  You will be stuck there until after all buses leave should you park there.  Please use the bigger lot to park and walk to meet your children.  Again, this allows for children to walk safely without the worry of moving cars in that area.


Thanks so very much for your understanding.